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We have temporarily suspended direct customer service of the company due to falling international indices. The unstable situation in the international currency market and stock exchanges forces us to take measures to ensure the safety of our clients' funds. Transactions during the trading of stocks, currencies and commodities are opened and closed with huge losses. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot provide you with leverage and comfortable trading conditions. Positions are extremely volatile now, so trading can cause a lot of financial damage to clients. In this regard we advise you to close all your trades and do not open new ones. Your funds remain in your personal account complete safe. You will be able to trade when the situation stabilizes.\nThis measure is forced and is aimed solely at saving the customers funds. We are waiting markets and the political situation in the region stabilizes. We apologize for our support team is currently extremely overwhelmed. We will try to respond as quickly as possible and provide all the necessary information for each request. Stay tuned for updated information. Thank you! Emergency support email - [email protected]

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Investment portfolios


Each quarter the experts of the world financial institutions (banks, investment and hedge funds, etc.), many of which are official partners of our company, form the investment portfolio of financial instruments and trading plans with a goal of maximizing return on invested funds.


Each investment portfolio gives you the choice of an acceptable level "risk/return" depending on your capital. All our trading systems are of increasing positive statistics accumulated over several years and constantly optimized our leading quantitative analysts.


Invest in portfolios that are based on comprehensive fundamental, technical and quantum analysis of markets, and You will be taken to a higher level of return on Your investment!


Portfolios compiled for the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 with quarterly rebalancing positions individually. You join to observe a professional group of traders involved including your investment portfolio that will help to open the desired position and will provide You with instructions on how to proceed.


Your money is working while you rest peacefully!


What you will receive after creating the investment portfolio


  • A detailed analysis for the most liquid instruments with an indication of the entry points, levels of support/resistance, Take Profit (profit level) / Stop Loss (stop loss);
  • Full information and analytical support of sponsors and support analysts;
  • The company will provide insurance for each portfolio individually, according to your requirement.


Portfolio The script The ratio
the profit/risk
Expected rate of return on average per month. % Tools of the trade Insurance
(available at
Your account balance is 10,000 Euro)
Conservative 2:1 4% American Stocks (blue chips only) , Spot Gold,
Spot Silver
Gold (available
when you Balance Your
the account in the amount of
20,000 Euro)
Weighted average and
3:1 7% American and European Stocks (blue chips only), Equity Indexes, Spot Metals 20%
Portfolio Platinum
replenishment of the account
the amount of 50,000 euros)
4:1 8% American, European and Russia Stocks, Equity Indexes, Spot Metals, Energy Futures (Crude Oil, Natural Gas)
Portfolio Exclusive
the Deposit
in the amount of 100000
A fully diversified, arbitrage, venture capital investments, transactions on the OTC market - 9.5% American, European and Russian Stocks, Equity Indexes, Spot Metals, Energy Futures (Crude Oil, Natural Gas)
FOREX, Crypto Currencies


Everyone can earn money! Be the person who earns more!


Book portfolio:


  • Your supervisor;
  • Call the hotline on:  +442045770667.