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The most efficient exchange transactions in contracts for difference on stocks, futures on commodities, goods and stocks are now available right at home, on your computer screen

  • CFDs were created in order to satisfy the demands of speculators with small capital, because their purchase/sale is required to Deposit only a portion of the value of the underlying asset. Thus contracts for difference allow you to significantly expand the scope of individuals.

  • CFD

    A contract for difference (eng. Contract For Difference, CFD) is a contract between two parties — the seller and the buyer on the transfer of the difference between the fair value of the asset at the time of conclusion of the contract (open position) and its value at the end of the contract (closed position). Although the form contract for difference is very similar to the contract delivery of the goods, but the seller is not required to possess a real asset, and the purchaser receives no rights to claim the delivery. If between the first and second transaction the price of the asset increased then the buyer receives from the seller the difference in price. If the price dropped, the seller will receive the difference in price from the buyer.