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The consequences of the second wave of coronavirus for the EU

28 July 2020

The consequences of the second wave of coronavirus for the EU

After the recent statements of the who on the record number of people infected with coronavirus, the European Union began actively to prepare for the second wave of the pandemic. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that they will re-imposed restrictions.


In the famous newspaper The Guardian wrote - “Europe prepares for a second wave of coronavirus. Constant new outbreak of the disease make it increasingly real prospect of re-imposition of restrictive measures. And all this happens in a situation when millions of people went on vacation and travel around Europe.”


If within the next ten days the situation is not stabiliziruemost, people will again face restrictions in public life and infrastructure. For the first time on such measures, told the Spain. The Spanish authorities argue that over the past few weeks the number of infected has reached eight thousand, and this is only half of cases.


The Chairman of the government of Catalonia Kim Torr indicates - “now ahead of the 10 critical days of summer, and during this time we will see if we're able to deal with the situation with solidarity and cooperation and collective efforts. But the situation is critical, and if we fail, we have to go back (to the restrictions)”. In addition, Torre noted that you need to limit yourself from evening social events, as it is one of the reasons for the growth of infected COVID-19.


In Germany, the head of the Ministry of health Jens span expressed the demand that all citizens who have visited countries with an unfavourable situation are forced to pass tests for coronavirus. Tourists most of all are at risk, creating a new chain of spread of the disease.


In France, health Ministry officials claim that the group risk - youth because they are the most active social activity, constantly kommunitsiruya with each other. Calling people to adhere to a mask mode, use antiseptics, to keep your distance and wash hands thoroughly.


The Greek government encourages its citizens to wear masks in all enclosed spaces, particularly where to put a safe distance is not possible. In Greece, as in other countries the number of cases is growing exponentially. Government spokesman Stelios Petsas also noted that Church attendance in masks will be needed in the near future. Now the restrictive measures apply only to public transport, for violation of the rules, the penalty will be 150 EUR.

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