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Indicators of multidimensional poverty index in 2020

21 July 2020

Indicators of multidimensional poverty index in 2020

The UN has published a new study that showed that the effects of the pandemic coronavirus will result in the deferral of poverty for the next ten years. It should be noted that based on survey data, about 131 million people from seventy countries of the world will be in a strong cash position, at that time, as the rest will wait for hunger.


Every year poverty will increase and eventually reach numbers in 413-547 million Special attention should be paid to the fact that currently about 90% of schools around the world closed. The deteriorating economic situation will lead to the fact that about 30% of children face some difficulties in accessing education, at that time, as the remaining 20% will be without any access to school.


Predictions do not seem so positive as might be desired, however, the experts dealing with the multidimensional poverty index note that the likely positive changes, but it will take more time. Sabina Alkire is the Director of the initiative on poverty and human development in Oxford notes that in 2020 the life expectancy of Britons has risen significantly higher than after the Second world war.


Published on Monday, data indicated that 70 investigated countries are active in combating poverty, stimulating the economy AIDS. Experts make emphasis that the country is now out of the pandemic coronavirus is much faster than the time away from the Ebola West African country of Sierra Leone.


Even back in 2013, the indicators of multidimensional poverty was on the verge of showing that a significant portion of the population experiencing restrictions to free access to education and health care. Last year the indicators dropped from 73% to 58%, the reduction was affected by reducing the use of clean fuel and electricity for life.


The UN report noted that over the last ten years, progress is being made, and in 64 of the 70 countries the poverty rate has dropped significantly. This example is India, where over the past ten years, approximately 273 million people out of poverty. In China about 70 million people were able to raise the standard of living in Bangladesh - 17 million.


Before the start of the pandemic coronavirus forty-seven countries had to give positive results for the reduction of multidimensional poverty in the coming years. However, eighteen countries showed a negative mood.

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