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23 June 2020 Group goes Mosberg

In early March, the Board of Directors Group approved the holding of a listing on Mosberg, after which the company has applied for listing more global Depositary receipts. For inclusion of securities in quotation list of first level was given a full package of documents, so it is assumed that the listing is not accompanied by additional issue.


CEO Group Boris Dobrodeyev indicates - “listing Group on the local stock exchange is a significant event for our company, especially because many Russian users currently do not have access to the London stock exchange, the site of our primary listing. We firmly believe that expanding access to our GDR through the Moscow exchange, we will be able to further diversify the base of our shareholders.”


Experts believe that the listing of the Group on the Moscow stock exchange should increase the potential liquidity of the securities and that it should accelerate the company's inclusion in the new indices. Remember that Group is on the market since 2005 on the basis of the postal service, at the moment the company owns the popular Russian social networks - Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, as well as instant messengers ICQ, Tam Tam, Agent and Myteam.


In addition, an integral part of Group is a gaming brand MY.GAMES in the portfolio which has many popular games on the market with an audience of about 540 million users. Group runs personal ads Yula, service MAPS.ME, providing offline maps and navigation for mobile devices based on OpenStreetMap data, shares in services GeekBrains, Skillbox and school programming “Algorithms”. Group is a joint venture shareholder AliExpress and Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) Group, a Megaphone and ALONGSIDE together with Sberbank is developing O2O platform in the field of food and transportation. held an IPO and went to the London stock exchange in the autumn of 2010, where to this day its shares are traded in the of 20.55 USD. Free float Group is 49.8 per cent. Now among the major shareholders Group includes:

  • Chinese telecommunications company Tencent - 7,4%;
  • Alibaba - 10%;
  • media company Naspers - 27,6% of the share capital;
  • “MF” technology is 5.2%.

It is therefore not surprising that Group waiting for the release of shares on the Moscow stock exchange in the coming days, but this will be possible only after the approval of the relevant documents and getting admission to trading.

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