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What can you buy in Russia for the new year for Bitcoin

27 December 2019

What can you buy in Russia for the new year for Bitcoin

Planning the new year we understand that you have to spend on holiday gifts and meal, and it is expensive. Given the fact that the contribution to celebration of the new year - the investment is not cheap, many investors are resorting to the use of digital assets. It is therefore will tell you how to build your first weekend in the year 2020 for the digital money.


Housing and tickets


If you want to pay for a hotel or purchase tickets for the cryptocurrency, it is necessary to access the services TravelByBit, Expedia or Airbaltic, as these companies work with popular wallet BitPay, which accepts Binance Coin, Litecoin, stablein USDT and bitcoin.




Analyzing the market, we came to the conclusion that to pay for food digital currency is not easy, but quite real. We do not take into account markets, grocery shops, large supermarkets, etc. However, in the capital you can feel completely free, because there are several establishments that accept the new asset. These institutions work with service Joys. Such an institution, you can find Afimoll, which is located in the heart of the capital, a cafe called “M-City”. In the same example, the Moscow shop “the Number”, where with a phone and a QR code you will be able to pay for a gala dinner.


Christmas gifts


With the payment of gifts, things are much simpler and you can pay for them from any point of the Russian Federation. The largest and most well-known company that accepts cryptocurrency is Microsoft also to pay with digital money you can on the website a subsidiary of Xbox. And all sorts of speakers, headphones, powerbank and stuff you can buy in the store, “arena sound”.


If you want to bring happiness to someone the Segway, ATV or remote control cars, you must contact the shop electric b/v/d Shop. In order to pay for goods in bitcoin, you must contact the Manager of the company, which will redirect you to the expert on the crypto issue.


Modern technology was not spared and women, since the store Silkmilk can also be calculated in the figure. The store offers a wide selection of women's clothing for every taste. As for jewelry, they can be purchased in the shops of Roberto Bravo in Gelendzhik and Sochi. Thanks to the aforementioned service, Joy in the network of fitness clubs Green Gorillaz from Kemerovo, you can also pay in bitcoin.


Despite the lack of legal control of the sphere of cryptocurrencies in Russia, where it is possible to equip the New year entirely in Bitcoin. For the digital money will be able to pay for a gala dinner at the restaurant, buy gifts and even to fly on holiday.

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