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We have temporarily suspended direct customer service of the company due to falling international indices. The unstable situation in the international currency market and stock exchanges forces us to take measures to ensure the safety of our clients' funds. Transactions during the trading of stocks, currencies and commodities are opened and closed with huge losses. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot provide you with leverage and comfortable trading conditions. Positions are extremely volatile now, so trading can cause a lot of financial damage to clients. In this regard we advise you to close all your trades and do not open new ones. Your funds remain in your personal account complete safe. You will be able to trade when the situation stabilizes.\nThis measure is forced and is aimed solely at saving the customers funds. We are waiting markets and the political situation in the region stabilizes. We apologize for our support team is currently extremely overwhelmed. We will try to respond as quickly as possible and provide all the necessary information for each request. Stay tuned for updated information. Thank you! Emergency support email - [email protected]

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iTrade is integrated with the aggregator of stock analysts RADDAR

25 Décembre 2019

iTrade is integrated with the aggregator of stock analysts RADDAR

We want to draw Your attention to the fact that the analysis information is a unique opportunity to build a sequence of actions, despite the rapidly changing wave of stock prices and macro-economic instability. Analysis of financial information difficult and requires special behavioral algorithm to understand which tools you can earn. So You all went according to plan, I hasten to tell You that the company iTrade begins integration with aggregator stock analysts RADDAR. In anticipation of the holidays, we have prepared for You a gift! Now every customer will be free to use the service on the trading platform of the broker iTrade.


What is RADDAR


The main functionality of the service is to analyze tens of thousands of forecasts from independent sources for the most liquid assets currency, commodities, and crypto-markets. This service will guide you to decisions about entering a trade. Important is the fact that all data is collected in real time are then processed by the system and are formed in the way of clear recommendations for trading.


RADDAR collects and analyzes the following information:

  • opinions of successful traders;
  • reports of major banks;
  • technical studies;
  • trading robots;
  • the number of open positions on the market at the moment.


Why iTrade decided to integrate RADDAR


Every day our employees work to marketplace iTrade was as comfortable as possible for each client. Since qualitative analysis is the key to successful trading, we help you in making decisions.


The main advantages of RADDAR compared to other analytical services:


1. Convenient and intuitive interface

Information which is relevant for decision-making is in a single window, You need to choose a monitored asset and the time interval after which You will be given recommendation on transactions.


2.All sources of information are in the public domain.
The service analyzes only accurate information, ignoring any fake sources in the network. You can check any data source.


3. The ability to configure notification by Email and Telegram

Below is the screen set notification on asset and time interval. As soon As the asset a signal is available, the system will automatically send the message by Email and/or Telegram.


What you need in order to connect Raddar


1. Log in to your account;
2. Click the “download Analytics”.


загрузить аналитику


After that, You will be given the opportunity to monitor trade signals.

After loading Analytics, Your dashboard will look like the following:


 личн каб англ


Below, we will provide information about changing E-mail that will be necessary to use the service Raddar.


Change E-mail


To change the E-mail go to the “Profile”section.


профиль англ


Click Edit button.


Click Edit button.


Write down a new Email


Write down a new Email


A code will be sent to the new Email. You need to confirm it.


A code will be sent to the new Email. You need to confirm it.


Email will be changed to the new one.


Telegram Bot activation


Click BOT RADDAR link on the Dashboard.


Click BOT RADDAR link on the Dashboard.


Telegram messenger window will be opened in a new browser tab. Click Send Message button.


Telegram messenger window will be opened in a new browser tab. Click Send Message button.


Then click START button and follow the bot instructions.


Then click START button