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The action "Top-trader 1 quarter"

18 February 2020

The company "iTrade" is a leading broker in the market and otherwise assists its clients who are just starting to make their first steps in understanding the intricacies of financial markets.

As you know, every job starts with preparing the workplace. Equipment from APPLE, is an indispensable attribute for professional trading in the stock markets.


Customers who deposited 10,000 euros in any one calendar day , will automatically become participants of drawing of best laptop for trading - Apple Macbook.

With 18.02.2020 and to 31.03.2020 need to make the maximum trading amount. The calculation of the volume produced in lots (a lot is the standard transaction size on the market).

The volume of trade that the traders make on your trading account, shall be summed from the time you Deposit until March 31. Into account are those positions which at the end of the action are closed.


The volume will be calculated for all available assets on the trading floor iTrade. The company will send the trade MacBook winner of the tournament regardless of the said trader's location.


Hurry! It You have a chance not only to earn in the financial market with us, but also to get a nice bonus in the form of professional equipment for trading.


Good luck!