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Battle for Persian Gulf

17 February 2020

The action consists of 2 parts:


1. Become a customer on the gold account and participate in the raffle of the first payment for the selected property in Dubai!


Within 3 months we will pick a winner and provide a contract with a decorated initial payment to purchase real estate in OAE from our partner The down payment can be from 10 to 30% depending on the value of the selected object. The remaining amount can be divided into equal payments and participate in the second part of the action.


* You should pay Your attention that we do not make promises to buy You a beachfront apartment or a car, as do many brokers and do not keep their promises. Our campaign is simple and honest. We only cover the first payment for Your chosen property on the company website


2. Take profit put on your own property in Dubai!


The task is simple! You trade to make a profit and set aside some amount on your own property in Dubai.


There are three plans that are designed to:

  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%

The essence of the campaign is that the chosen percentage of the profits will be transferred to the company to pay for reserved listings. And soon, with the active trade, You will become the owner of the property on the shore of the Persian Gulf, continuing the trading activities near the pool with sea views enjoying a drink.


To participate in the event must sign a contract with the managers of technical support or send a request to participate Your analysis.